We are proud to be the first salon in the UK to have the Cryostar machine! Cryo is a non-invasive treatment to shape the body you want! We offer 3 treatments using Cryo, Cryo Slimming, Cryo Toning and Cryo Facials.

Cryo Slimming uses cold temperatures to trigger apoptosis (cell death) this turns your fat cells into waste which are then cycled through your lymphatic system in the next 14 days!

Clients see results from one session, for example on the abdomen clients can expect to see an instant result from half to two inches lost. However a course is recommended for optimum results.

Before and After 1st session of fat free

Cryo Facials encourage oxygenated bloodflow to the the face which encourages the production of collagen, leaving you not only lifted but skin tone and texture improved and fine lines and wrinkles reduced.


Cryo Toning helps reduce stubborn cellulite and tighten loose skin. Toning tightens, smooths and shapes areas lacking elasticity!